4-Axle WHD 800 90 TANDEM

Technical Data:

Model:WHD 800 90 MU –TANDEM


Rail Guage:1676mm

Axle Classification:B'-B'

Over All Dimensions(mm): L=12000, W=3100, H=4100

Nominal Axle Load(±3%) :22.5t

Adhensive/Total Weight:2*90t

Tractive Effort at Start:2*27000kg

Maximum Geared Speed:21kmph

Wheel Diameter:914 mm

Fuel Tank Capacity: 2000Ltrs

Installed Power:800hp (597kw)

Transmission: Hydrodynamic Turbo Reversing

Application of Tandem Locomotives:

On tandem operation the locomotives are attached one behind the other in series. Apart from the train pipes, the control cables and pneumatic hoses also coupled between the locomotives. Thus the control signals are transferred from the leading locomotive to the slave locomotive attached behind. The number of locomotives to be connected on tandem depends on the requirement of the load to be hauled. Each locomotive in tandem to be started and checked independently in the panel board to ensure the power pack parameters are in order before commencing operation from the leading locomotive. The slave loco attached in tandem will act as per the operation signals received from the leading locomotive.

In case of any failure in one of the locomotive in tandem, the same can be detached and the rest of the locos are available for completion of the operation, as each locomotive is independent, which is a great advantage. This is not possible in twin power pack, as the complete loco becomes break down and the operation is held up.